Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2 Magic Kingdom

Morning comes far too early. The night was rough...Noah had alot of trouble sleeping...which meant I had alot of trouble sleeping. He kept waking with difficulty breathing and needing his Ventolin. It was at this point that I began to get a bit worried...perhaps it was just an off night??? Still...there was that nagging feeling that Noah wasn't quite right. It was proving to be a bit of a challenge getting him up and going that morning, and so we decide to order the breakfast cart instead of going to the Gingerbread house.
We loved the breakfast cart! You just dial the phone to order it, and a volunteer shows up outside your villa with coffee, pastries, bagels, fruit, yogurt, cereal, milk and juice. How neat is that?? Later in the day, it becomes the cookie cart, and they drive around the resort serving cookies...mmmmm...After we have stuffed ourselves full, we pack up and head to the Magic Kingdom!!
I think I almost shed some tears when we first saw the entrance sign. Disney is just so...magical. It has such a special place in my heart and it always will...some of our best memories are from Disney. It is not often these days that we can feel like a normal family, just hanging out and having fun. But Disney does that for us...they make it we can just be a family...enjoy each other...laugh...have fun.

First stop...Guest Services to get a special stroller tag. This tag allowed us to use Noah's stroller as a wheelchair (what a lifesaver this was!). We already had our special Guest Assistance Card from GKTW, and Noah's special GKTW button. All we had to do was show these to the CM at the entrance of each attraction, and they would do what they could to expedite things. Usually that meant going straight to the front of the line, sometimes it meant going through the fast pass line, but rarely did we wait in line for anything!!

Walking out of Guest Services, we ran into Pinocchio...

Main street...stop for pictures with our photopass in front of the castle...
We decide to head to Tomorrowland first...we baby swap and ride Space Mountain. As we were going in, two children came over and handed the kids their balloons. Not sure if it was because they saw our buttons, but it was very sweet and the kids were thrilled!! Then it was off to Buzz Lightyear and Transit Authority. Noah loved Buzz, but the Transit ride was too dark for him and he was not happy. So I decided to take a break with Noah, while Brad and the kids ride the cars at the Indy Speedway. By this time, it is getting close to our special character lunch at Crystal Palace, so we start to head out. But wait, there is Stitch & Buzz...
After some pictures, we head to the Crystal Palace...this lunch was set up for us by the wish foundation, so Noah would be sure to meet his Tigger. But he was already looking really tired and his nose was running like crazy. I was getting worried that a restaurant might not be such a good idea. Restaurants are difficult at the best of times with Noah, since he doesn't eat, it can be hard to keep him entertained for a long period of time. But we really wanted Noah to meet Tigger!

Lunch was all-you-can-eat buffet style...very yummy, although I think our kids barely ate a couple of bites. They were far too intrigued with the characters. First up was Pooh Bear...

Noah was still wide awake at this point and thrilled with Pooh. They spent lots of time fawning over each other...

Next up...Eeyore...He was so sweet to Noah!

Noah was getting droopier here, but still enjoyed playing with Eeyore. Love this picture of Joshua...

Piglet wandered over next...
At this point, Noah starts losing it...he is tired and obviously not feeling well...Just a bit longer, Noah...Tigger is on his way...But our window had closed...Noah slept through the rest of the meal. I was SO disappointed as I had wanted to get some great pictures of Noah and Tigger. After all, this was Noah's wish...Despite the disappointment of Noah missing out on Tigger, we had some great character interaction, the palace was beautiful and the food was excellent. But no lingering over this meal...still so much to see...


  1. Oh gosh! I can't believe noah was already feeling bad! What a downer. And I hope he meets tigger!!! Thank you soooooo much for sharing this with us!!

  2. Love seeing all the pictures, that's so great. What a gift to be able to enjoy this time as a family

  3. thank you so much for showing those beautiful pictures of your family . so sad that little noah was already starting to feel crummy before the tigger meet. cant wait to hear what else you do

  4. Thank-you for sharing your pictures and your trip experience! Wishing you a wonderful Easter. Kim Hiebert

  5. Hey, we are getting impatient. Where is Day#3??

  6. I know you are so busy and with sick kiddos, it seems even harder to get stuff accomplished! Hope K and J are feeling better! Take your time on the installments! I just enjoyed going back and rereading this one...though I am still sad about Noah falling asleep before Tigger. I hope he got to meet him later?! Take care of yourself too! ;)