Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 1 GKTW Cont'd

After we had our fill of the train, it was time to check out Matthew's Boundless Playground. This is an amazing, fully wheelchair accessible, play structure. It is set up like a giant Candyland game board. It was so neat to be able to bring Noah right up to the top in his stroller.
We had tons of fun getting to know Mary better and checking the place out with her.

After a while, we figured we'd better go find Brad, who should be done with orientation by now. So after dragging the kids away, we headed back. But, hey, the carousel is running! We had to stop for a ride or two...

Fully wheelchair accessible of course...

The carousel turned out to be Noah's absolute favorite thing to do at GKTW. We have been working on teaching him a bit of sign language, and he began signing "more" on the carousel. By the end of the week, he would sign "more" throughout the entire ride.
We finally find Brad again, who's been missing out on all the fun. He got all our tickets and Noah's special magic button (more about that later), so we are set! Now we haven't eaten enough yet today, so it is off to the Gingerbread house for some dinner.

If you look up, the shelves are lined with hundreds of dolls, all donated by previous wish families.

Perkins restaurant supplies a different food feature each night (buffet style, with a separate special kids buffet, and if that's not enough, a yummy dessert buffet as well). Tonight is Mexican night. Of course, you are not allowed to serve yourself here. Everything is done for you...someone even carries our trays to the table. There were even volunteers to sit with the kids if Brad & I wanted to go get more food...we LOVED that!!

Everything in the gingerbread house is made for the kids. The chairs and tables are all kid size. And if you look closely at the tabletop you can see that they are all made up of candies!
And who did we run into on our way out of the Gingerbread House?? The mascots of GKTW...Mayor Clayton and Miss Merry!

By this point, we were all beginning to feel the lack of sleep. But there is a party going on at the theatre. It is Family Fun Night and a magician is getting ready to perform. So we can't leave without checking it out...
Inside the theatre is a fully stocked concession stand...yes, more food!! By this time, Brad & I cannot even think about eating. But of course, we get the kids some popcorn and slushies, the kids make some Pucker Powder (tubes of flavoured sugar), and we go find a seat.

We are only there a few minutes, but the kids are all starting to droop in their seats, even with all the sugar in their systems!! So we decide to skip the magician tonight, say goodbye to Mary, and head back to the villa for some zzzzzzzz's.

One more suprise was in store for we are getting ready for bed, Macntosh showed up at the door. (He is another friend I had met on the wish boards who was there with his family that same week). He had 20 trading pins for our family, donated by Mousepinsonline. For those of you who have not heard of Disney Pin Trading, it is this whole other world inside Disney, and it can be quite addicting and expensive! Kailyn & Joshua had gotten a taste of it during our Disneyland trip and were hooked. So we were all SO excited to have more pins for trading. Thank you Mousepinsonline for the pixie dust!! And thank you Macntosh for delivering them to us!

Finally, we get Noah's TPN hooked up and then it's off to bed. It has been an incredibly long, amazing day.

Tomorrow...Magic Kingdom!!


  1. I snuck over here...because I just realized that you are posting here faster. He he!

    I read the whole update on here early this AM and just realized I was missing the last part on your DIS post this afternoon! :) I know the secret and I am going to be checking here first! *wink wink*


  2. is hard to post on this blog? It is different from your other one...Just FYI...if you are wondering why there are no comments? *shrugs*

  3. Sounds like so much fun...and that was only day 1. I'm tired just reading about all your adventures, but with a huge grin at the great time you all had.

  4. Wow look how happy Noah is!!! Glad he loved the Carousel so much! So funny about eating and eating and eating! What an amazing detailed fun-filled place. Glad Maroo joined you for some fun! Now get some rest!!! That was amazingly long!

  5. Awww... I'm so happy you had such a good time! :) I love the picure of Noah on the carousel laughing. :) That was our favourite part of the whole trip too. :)

  6. This is amazing! I love all the pictures and can't wait to hear more :)