Sunday, May 3, 2009

Marc's Dino Putt & La Ti Da Spa

When we got back from Dinoland, there was a gift waiting at the villa. Today it was a big duffle bag to help transport all our new treasures home. Noah had a short nap, we vegged for a bit, and then off again for a round of mini golf at Marc's Dino Putt. What a neat place with fun dinosaurs, caves, waterfalls and lots of little surprises along the way. You never know which one will shoot water or start smoking!

Brad needed to catch up on some work on the computer, so the kids and I went to the La Ti Da Royal Spa. In keeping with GKTW's theme, this is a special spa created just for kids. (Yep, this place thinks of everything!!) There were massages, tattoes, face painting, nails and makeup. Everything you need to fulfill the fantasy of every little girl, and fun for the boys too...
The kids picking out their tattoos...We tried tatooing a sunflower on Noah. He was very unhappy about the whole thing, and ended up with just a yellow blob on his arm. He was feeling pretty crummy though, with a runny nose and terrible cough, so that was the extent of his spa experience.Kailyn having her makeup done...The kids were able to choose from a wardrobe of dressup clothes. Josh had to be a race car driver of course...Kailyn after her makeover...After the mini makeovers, there were more gifts for the kids. A pony for Kailyn and transformer cards for Joshua and Noah... We loved the spa...very relaxing, beautifully done, and the kids enjoyed all the special attention. A nice way to spend an hour. But the best part of the day was yet to come. As we were enjoying the day, GKTW was being transformed into a Winter Wonderland...

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  1. i love the sunflare you captured in the first photo!!
    nice tattoos!